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29 Game world mechanics.

I often get asked where we got the ideas for games.  Its a hard question to answer. Sometimes an idea is there all along almost fully developed. Seiddab Attack was like that. I had a dream of seeing this game at a show of this city at night. The only graphics in the game were the city lights. In the dream I thought "I wish I thought of that", Then I woke up and declared "I did think of that". The dream was probably inspired by Night Flight. The game was also inspired by one of the last scenes in the classic film version of War Of The Worlds. I just put the two ideas together and just had to figure out how to code it.

Paradroid was another game where the concept was pretty much all there at the start. I have Andrew's original note that describes the game he wanted to write. I briefed him to design a game with a cute robot.  He just came in with it one day after discussing the game with some friends. The core idea did not change throughout the development, just …

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