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Part 31 Are we there yet?

Graftgold Memories. I just read loads of my blogs as I can no longer remember what I have written previously. Apologies if I repeat myself no and then. I have explained how I got my trademark thick synthy sound out of the Spectrum. The next sound routine I worked on was for the C64.  The C64 SID chip was brilliant to work with after the Spectrum's limited beeper.  It had 3 channels of sound that could each be set to a different frequency. You could choose a waveform for each. A triangle waveform was good for smooth sounds such as Gribbly blowing bubbles.  Andrew was amazed that I could choose the Sid settings for the kind of sound I wanted. That came from a lot of experimentation and some knowledge of how sound and music works.    A sawtooth wave gave a thinner rasping sort of sound. I liked the pulse  wave option best as it gave the most interesting sounds. You could specify the width  of the pulse which varied the harmonic content of the sound.  Finally you could choose a white…

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