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Part 26 Realms, space trading and how to do two things in sync.

When the Amiga and Atari ST arrived on the games scene we knew it was just a matter of time before they would dominate the market. The new machines were a bit expensive at the beginning so the market was not as big. We knew the cost of making a 16 bit game would be as many times that of an 8 bit games because of the many coloured high resolution graphics, and the increased size of the memory which meant people would expect more graphics and bigger games as the norm.  Hewson was very pessimistic about the 16 bit market. They had tried a few 16 bit ports and were not getting sales figures to justify designing a game just for 16 bit. This was the time that budget games had revolutionised the 8 bit market and suggested cheaper games were the way to go.

I bought an Amiga for Andrew to play with but we could only start developing on the machine when Graftgold signed with Telecomsoft. The deal involved writing a few games for the Spectrum and C64 but crucially also included a game for the A…

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