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Deepest Blue: The Seiddab are back

The story so far.   I was newly retired, had a great deal of time on my hands and decided to write a game on my laptop the old way. That meant rather than using a team of artists designers developers audio specialists, it would would just be me and my laptop. This was just like 35 years ago when I begun developing my first game on the Spectrum. Except that technology has moved on, games are generally well over 500 times as big as a Spectrum game, far more complex and usually need tens if not hundreds of man years to develop. On the plus side development technology has moved on. On the Spectrum I was hand assembling Z80 code, a time consuming and error prone process. Now I program in C (yes C not C++) and use the Microsoft Visual Studio development system. It was a huge undertaking. I knew it would be like running a marathon rather than a sprint but it has taken years longer than expected. Covid lockdown has come and gone and two laptops have been worn out. I even went back to work for

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