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Part 34. Trials of a long distance programmer

Hardcorps. For the last few years Graftgold worked on a project with a working title of M.T.B, standing for Main Battle Tank. It was basically a point of view 3D shooter. The player had a stealth tank that could infiltrate behind enemy lines to undertake a series of missions.  When we started the game was built with the display engine from International Motox. We intended to make a PlayStation and PC version. We wanted 3d models in the game so needed a proper 3d engine. I bought a book on 3d programming that included a  CD with a 3d engine written in a mixture of C and assembler. This was just what I needed. I used it as a start off point and integrated it with an interface that emulated the PlayStation calls. Then we could code for both machines with minimal changes.  It was one of those times where I was under tremendous pressure. I needed the 3d engine and there was only me who could really deliver it in time. I worked on it at home as well as in the office until it was ready. It …

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