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Space in Lockdown

Graftgold MemoriesBattle Of Britain This was one of the Graftgold games that nearly was developed but was canned when we were given a contract that was just unacceptable. When I tried to negotiate I was told this was a new standard contract that cannot be changed. It basically allowed the publisher to decide if they wanted to discontinue a project and the developer would have to repay all advances. This would be impossible to do as advances are used to develop the product. Thus we would become insolvent at a stroke if the project was cancelled. Fair enough if there is due cause but that was left entirely at the publishers discretion. Then another clause said that if we went insolvent the publisher got to own the product completely. Put all this together and it meant the publisher could just take over the product whenever they wanted. Of course I did not agree to this and we parted ways.  The product was a forerunner of Realms and was going to be Graftgold's first big team game.

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