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Part 32: Testing the Ai.

I wanted to write a successor of Dragontorc for the C64. As I did not want Hewson to have any claim over the game I decided it needed to be completely different. Also I thought C64 players were much more arcade orientated. The games that did well seemed to be fast action games. So I decided to design a game that was superficially like a beat-em-up but had the depth of a free format game here you could explore a huge scenario. I wanted to use the assets of the C64 to their full capability. That meant scrolling backdrops and multiplexed sprites.   I started off with John Cumming's scroll routine from Soldier Of  Fortune and tidied it up a bit to make it run a little faster.  I had a look at the sprite multiplexor, that is using a raster interrupt to allow you to quickly reassign sprite data and reuse sprites. That meant you could have more than 8 sprites on the screen at once as long as they did not all overlap  vertically.   I wanted my characters to be two sprites high a…

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