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Part 28 First base.

We used to have a Christmas lunch and  came back to the office put some music on and played video games.  Sometimes we would have a lucky dip or  prizes for things like  quote of the year, I remember "all banks are bastards" won the prize one particular year.  Julie would usually bring in mince pies or similar goodies to eat.  One year one of Dominic's  programmer friends came over with a huge box of jelly babies. It was a good way to end the year.

We used to close the office for a week at Christmas. Many of our staff relocated to work at  Graftgold and lived in rented rooms. They used to return home to their families for a well earned break. Andrew and I would often take home a development kit so if we got bored we could do a bit of programming. Writing games was fun and we missed it in the holidays. It was so good to have a job where you looked forward to Monday mornings or returning to work after a holiday.

One Christmas I can remember doing a lot of work on the Graft…

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