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Its All About The Base

Graftgold Memories. DragonTorc When Avalon started climbing the charts I decided to follow up with another game using the same game engine with some improvements. I started off looking at the graphics plot system and added a few go faster tweaks. I also enhanced the game engine to give me a greater number of adventure steps. I wanted Dragontorc to be bigger and better, a tall order considering I had a job to squeeze Avalon into the Spectrum's meagre memory.  Working on the technical aspects gave me time to consider the plot.  I needed inspiration so visited the library and came back with a stack of books including Joy Chant's The High Kings.  This is a very well presented collection of old Celtic tales which are told by Arthur and his knights as they sit around  their camp fire. It is sad that the old Celtic tales are not really part of our lives, At school we learn old Jewish tales and now the tales of many other religions yet there is a rich heritage of  native tales that are

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