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Part 25: Mission Control

The Legend Of Avalon. I used to play a Dungeons And Dragons type game  with Andrew Braybrook and some of his friends. I think it was based on Runequest with a few rules added by our dungeon master. We invented a character for my son Mark, called Maroc although he was too young to play.  We used to play for hours just to get to a dungeon. This gave me the idea of trying to create a computer game that had the same sort of puzzles to solve plus lots of fighting action. I asked the dungeon master to write me an outline for the plot as if he were working out a dungeon for us to play. I then started to think about how  I would get the feeling of exploring a dungeon into a Spectrum game. I had just finished Lunattack which had a landscape built out of sprites. I thought I would use the same technique to build rooms. The idea was to give the illusion of a whole room by drawing important bits like the doors and corners, then sketching a few features to complete the illusion. To give a 3d feel…

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