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Dragontorc disassembled

Dragontorc Dragontorc was  perhaps my favourite of all the games I developed over the years. It was written in the days before I started working with an assembler program. for the uninitiated an assembler allows you to write in human readable code and it turns it into machine code that looks like goobly de gook but the computer can execute. I used to convert my hand written source code into hex by hand using a couple of look up tables that I made copying from a Z80 book   and    put them in a small crib book that I kept on my desk next to my HEX calculator. I used to input the resultant machine code into Spectrum BASIC and run a program that read the REM statements and poked the machine code into the Spectrum RAM. So the only source code that existed was my handwritten source and disassembly listings that at least included my 4 character labels. As I debugged it and changed it the sheets got very messy. I recorded the changes and the module version that included the change. The sheet

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