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30 Getting the multi player game working.

A day at the office You may wonder what it was actually like to work at Graftgold developing games. The day for me started at 9 in the morning. We had a flexitime system but I tended to start at the same time. After the kids were delivered to school I had a short 10 minute drive to the office. My wife Julie used to take the car home until she started to work for me doing the accounts payroll.  The office was usually already opened by the early starters.  I would usually see who was in then go to my office. I had an office at first on my own and then  shared with Julie.  I would usually switch on my pc and get straight down to coding before any issues of the day interrupted me. In the days before we had a network the only pc connected to the WWW was in my office. That meant I could monitor its use and it also meant we were isolated from hackers and viruses.

I nearly always spent part of the day coding. I had plenty of other things to do such as phoning publishers, sorting out any sta…

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