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Part 24 Docking HUD display

Graftgold Memories

Graftgold became well known for its conversions of arcade games such as Flying Shark and Rainbow Islands.  It all began when Graftgold signed a deal with Telecomsoft.  Initially Graftgold was to develop a number of Spectrum and C64 titles for our first ever advance. This allowed us to expand which meant renting office space and buying pc's for cross assembling. Telecomsoft had been let down for the C64 Spectrum and Amstrad versions and needed a very quick job done. They offered Graftgold a large cash sum if we could finish in 6 weeks. Dominic Robinson and John Cumming had just joined Graftgold after leaving Hewson. We looked at the game and decided to go for it. The game was similar in some ways to Uridium so Dominic had a strong idea of the way to approach the scrolling graphic engine. He used a cell based system where background cells could be replaced by active cells when sprites moved over them. The screen consisted of a huge array of cell addresses which p…

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