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Part 27 Choosing Ships and building squads.

Graftgold Memories

I had an interview yesterday for an article in Retrogamer about Graftgold. It is always fun talking about the old times. Andrew Braybrook came along too so we had an afternoon of reminiscing.  Some readers might be interested in forming a company to develop games. My first job was working for HM Customs and Excise so I learnt a lot about companies and trading as a sole trader and partner ships.  Some of the tax rates and rules may have changed over the years but its basically the same set up nowadays. When I started off I traded as a sole trader with a trading name of ST Software. It is the easiest way to start a business as you do not register a company and submit annual returns. You should still keep a proper account as you need to fill in a tax form at the end of the tax year and declare your profit. I would recommend that people have a chat with a local accountant. I had an accountant recommended to me  He earned his pay by  showing me all the things I should p…

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