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Back To Work

I have not blogged for six months because I went back to my old firm Eurobase to work with Andrew Braybrook on insurance software. It was quite strange going back to a place I worked for over ten years. Some things had not changed at all but there were a lot of new faces. It was quite challenging getting up at 7 and working all day. I was so tired when I got home all I wanted to do was fall asleep. In the end I cut it down to three days a week.  Now I am retired again and can get back to games programming and playing guitars.

I was usually a pretty good judge of people. Just look at where the Graftgold staff have ended up. I started off with Andrew Braybrook. Andrew was a professional programmer just like me so we understood each other. Yet he had a unique way of seeing things that added something different to his games. When Telecomsoft agreed to fund Graftgold I made the big decision to change from 2 people to a team of 8. I knew Dominic and John from Hewson and they had a proven r…

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